Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Execute an X application remotely.

Today i bought a netbook, and i wanted to do a little programming on a project. I have the project configured on my main computer where i usually develop.

I didn’t want to create a full environment for my project, because of netbook capacity and because i won’t really program from here very often.

So i decided to use the ssh X forwarding facility. This way i could run my main computer eclipse in my netbook.

The Steps followed were very simple:

First on main computer:

- install openssh
- edit file /etc/ssh/sshd_config and make sure there is a non-commented line like X11Forwarding yes

That’s it for the main computer (Where eclipse really resides)

Then in my netbook i did:

- Open A terminal and execute:

ssh -X cscarioni@ /home/cscarioni/programas/eclipse/eclipse

Where /home/cscarioni/programas/eclipse/eclipse is where eclipse is installed on the main computer.

And that was it!!. i’m working in my home environment from my netbook.

edit: By the way in the home desktop computer xauth must be installed

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